Orbital Ring

Concept of an Orbital Ring on a planetoid body.

An Orbital Ring is a theoretical megastructure placed around a stellar body, likely a planet or moon, and set rotating at such a rate that the apparent centrifugal force is large enough to counteract the force of gravity. The structure would be used as a supermassive space station, or a method of enhancing spacecraft locomotion speeds. With the current technological level of the Empire, the creation of an Orbital Ring will be possible in the near future.


A Trespasser (in foreground) about to enter a home via the garage door (in background). Although its motives are not properly calculated, its goal is to maim the inhabitants and mutilate their corpses.

Amongoids are an extremely dangerous group of extradimensional hunters who maim and mutilate living souls to feed on their agony. They are considered a Class-99 threat to the Empire’s continued existence, and as such, entire military divisions have been dedication to their extermination, or at the least repelling them.


Amongoids are relatively simple creatures, at least externally. They are roughly three feet in height, with two stubby locomotion appendages. The body itself is plump, bulbous even, with a relatively cuboidal growth on the back designed to contain the vital organs of the Amongoid. The average Amongoid has a single, monochrome compound eye.


Amongoids are separated into four different categories based on their size, appendage count, appearance, and behavior. The classes will be listed below.

  • Trespasser – A Trespasser Amongoid will do all it can to break into the residence of its victim, and torture them as quickly as possible to feed. Unlike most Amongoids, they are not sadistic and maim their victims out of necessity. They are far less hostile than most other classifications, and will likely retreat if confronted with multiple, well armed obstacles.
  • Oni – An Oni Amongoid is highly dangerous, aggressive, and powerful. They will kill everything and anything. This is because, unlike other Amongoids, an Oni class feeds on the blood spilled, instead of the agony of their victims. Oni are the largest Amongoids, reaching six feet in height.
  • Wraith – Wraiths are the most common type of Amongoid, with the ability to cloak themselves. They are sadistic, dangerous, and intelligence.
  • Enigma – Enigma are without description.

Photographic Evidence

The following photographs will be used to further track, study, and terminate Amongoids.

The Foundry

The Foundry is the largest consecutive structure known to the Empire, it is located in Acheron. A mix of both artificial and biological components, the Foundry produces not only weapons and materials, but also births troops through its enormous gestation wombs. Its architecture is enigmatic and non-euclidean, and it appears to transmit production orders to its machinery via macroscopic synapses.

It is separated into multiple Sectors, each is diverse in description, size, and even layout. Some may resemble a normal factory or foundry, and others may be yearning sarcous chasms tasked with birthing myriad troops and technologies in vast gestation vats.

It is ruled with an iron-fist by the enigmatic Administrator


External Structure

The Foundry is located in the direct center of Acheron, the lower levels consist of hydroelectrical generators, and vast dredges and automated fishing nets to catch sustenance for the inhabitants.

From these lower levels rises a support structure comprised of latticed beams and girders, with a variety of central stanchions, gantry lifts, and pipes. These myriad support structures and transportation apparatuses lead to the greater platform structure, and by proxy the primary spire known as the Foundry.

The structure occupies a space of 67.5 cubic miles. The platform foundation built onto occupies a cubic mileage of about 3.5 square miles, as calculated from measurements of the perimeter.

If one were to compare the Foundry to a real-world facility of some kind, it most resembles an oil refinery. The characteristic fungal cobwebbing of pipes and railings and ladders and smokestacks that, to someone not acquainted with the structure, have a high chance looking terribly complex and possibly inducing confusion. The Foundry exhibits more verticality than a terrestrial petroleum refinery, however – a real refinery needs room to displayed and occupy a larger area. The Foundry, in comparison, appears to be folded on itself In a way that could possibly be considered claustrophobic. This strange exterior creates an imposing structure that soars miles above the clouds.

Internal Structure

Sector 1

The lower levels of the Foundry, known as Sector 0, are where hydroelectrical powerplants and fisheries are located can be accessed via drydocks, among other entry points. The most grand of which being a large bridge connecting the shore to the Foundry. The upper levels of the Foundry, can be accessed via gantry lifts (mentioned above) from the lower levels, vast staircases, or air hangars. The very latter of these entry methods are heavily intertwined with the support of the structure, and are therefore heavily reinforced.

Sector 2

The platform structure, known officially has the Greater Platform Structure or Sector 1, consists entirely of storage, and support for the upper and lower levels of the facility. While most of the space is occupied by support pillar and transportation infrastructure, this hollowed sector also acts as the headquarters of the armada of engineers that are required to maintain the Foundry. In a similar manner, almost every automaton repair/maintenance facility is located here.

Sector 3

Sector 3 is one of many sectors dedicated to the production of both military and civilian goods, used by either the denizens of the Foundry or the highest bidder. Hundreds of bio-factories churn out genetically modified soldiers and laborers, while mechanical factories produce weapons and goods for the populace. Sector 3 has one sub-sector, a vast expanse of shipping and storage bays where produced organisms and goods are packaged, labelled, and exported.

Sector 4

[Data Expunged]







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The Pelonid is a large predatory flying insect of the order Blattodea, which includes cockroaches and termites. Unlike either of these insects however, they are far larger and roughly the size of a large rat. In a similar manner to a nomadic termite nest, Pelonids travel in eusocial swarms, devouring anything that gets caught in their path.


The average Pelonid is roughly the size of a large rat, with a sharp rigid proboscis equal in length to the body. They have six legs, a lithe thorax, and a plump abdomen for constantly laying eggs to fuel the hive’s warmachine.


Pelonids resemble large termites, clad in chitinous armor. This armor is especially concentrated around the head, which is crowned by a large, rigid, and serrated proboscis. Which is more like a blade or knife than it is a true feeding appendage.

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The Empire | The Authority

Contact Log Alpha-1

,;|.\ \:.:,|.•\ | ,;|.\ /;,;|.:•|.,;• /.\:,://.\,; ::\.|

Contact Log Alpha 1:

Location: City-1-Svn
Time (Prime Material Plane): 189th Pyth Cycle, 5151:!3
Time (Authority): N/A
Diplomatic Envoy (Empire):  Yaganazathoth
DIplomatic Envoy (Authority): 55329-293-1
Context: In 5151:13 on the 1st Pyth Cycle, a small kaleidoscopic rift opened in the city center of City-1-Svn. This rift later grew until it enveloped the entirety of the central regions of the metropolis. The city was evacuated and transformed into the complex known today. Their language was decoded on the 16th Pyth Cycle, and first contact was made via transmission on the 154th Pyth Cycle. On the 189th Pyth Cycle a physical envoy was sent through the now enormous portal to establish communication.

Contact Log Alpha 1 will be contained below

Yaganazathoth: Hello, Authority, we are from the other side of the gateway you may or may not have created. This land beyond is known as the Prime Material Plane, and home to the Empire. I am from the Empire, and our country seeks diplomatic relations.

55329-293-1: What good is it to establish diplomatic relations with whom we have never come across before, and therefore no not of whether your trustworthiness has been verified or not?

Yaganazathoth: Our Empire is a hallowed theocracy, one ruled by the Son of God himself. He is divine and powerful behind all others, and as honest as he is wise. He, and therefore us,  would not betray you.

55329-293-1: There is no god, therefore your emperor does not exist. You have lied to us. Do you want us to trust you? It seems not.

Yaganazathoth: You have not seen our home. It holds things not possible by Your standards. Nothing you have seen can equate or be compared to the inhabitants of the Prime Material Plane.

An Am-Hut slave is ordered to pull a caged warpbeast through the portal and into the Authority.

55329-293-1: You, your empire, your species, your peers, are primitive repugnant slaves waiting to be brought under the Authority’s banner, if you will not comply to our standards, we will make sure your Emperor’s death is painful and everlasting, you parasitic scum.

Yaganazathoth: I am sure you will find this creature’s abilities worth your while. 

Electrostimulation of the cage causes the creature to have an extradimensional spasm.

55329-293-1: You think giant creatures are worth my time? You are revolting.

Yaganazathoth: You seek annihilation. I do not wish malice, but you ignore what this creature can do with a baseless insult.

55329-293-1: Right, a creature that can’t fight for its own freedom has the capability to destroy the Authority, don’t make me laugh, peasant.

Yaganazathoth: You underestimate its power. 

The envoy makes a hand signal, forcing the Am-Hut to give Yaganazathoth an Umbra containment device. 

55329-293-1, using his index and middle grasping extremity commands an Authority Arch Regiment to encircle the Portal incase of a hostile interaction.

55329-293-1: You stay away from the Authority, and we’ll make sure you live to feel pain another day.

Yalganazathoth: You are misinformed about my purpose. Allow me to show you what we can do together. 

Yalganazathoth opens the vial, causing the Umbra to violently attack the Am-Hut slave. As evident from vital machines stationed off-site, the Am-Hut did not survive the encounter despite its movement. 

55329-293-1: The Authority has no interest in associating itself with those who play with Children’s toys.

Unknown (Presumably a military admiral or advisor): █████, the ██████ has informed you that the Primicerius changes his stance to an amiable approach.

55329-293-1: So be it.

55329-293-1: We are interested in working with you.

Yalganazathoth: You will not be disappointed. 

Subject 23-X09. Name: Dianna

The following is all related logs and tapes correlating to Subject 23-X09.

Scientist 1: Who is this?

Scientist 2: I’ve only heard of her.

Scientist 3: As far as I’m aware. Records say her name is Dianna, a transgender black haired women. She lived through Planetfall y’know, and became one of us. She worked at the Underlabs before it got raided.

Scientist 2: You sure this is Dianna?

Scientist 3: Positive.

Scientist 1: Let’s not dawdle, we have recordings, tapes, and even more documents to sift through.

Scientist 2: Damn this work, do you ever just want to put a slag gun in your mouth and fire?

Scientist 3: You’re fucking insane.

Document no. 1

Scientist 1: Ah, Diana’s old journal. We will add this to the Archives.

Scientist 3: Are any of you good at Psionic reading?

Scientist 2: Negative. We are starting with the journals.


“My client is forcing me to write these stupid-ass “data logs” for some reason. My specialty is smuggling not fucking poetry. I gotta fill this shit out somehow so, my name is Diana, and I’ve been hired by a client who has requested to remain anonymous to smuggle some sciency shit across the Mexican border to NYC. I’m being payed 25k USD every trip.

One of my client’s proxies told me to retrieve some shit my dumbass can’t understand, some sorta crystal or something. I saw some crooks in their pajamas talking about something called the Prime Material plane, no clue what they were talking about. I’ll talk to this with the head scientist once I’m done writing this shitheap. I’ll be heading to Mexico again and retrieve mining materials, Signing out.”


Scientist 1: Quite the vulgar lifeform, isn’t she?

Scientist 2: We have several more entries to read.


“I have NO FUCKING CLUE what those shithead scientists are working on in their little nerd lairs, but I just found their turkey looking ass test subject. I am never gonna get the cries out of my head.. ever. I managed to smuggle in what the client demanded but I am questioning whether or not I should finish out this deal with the shit I’ve seen. I talked to the head scientist about it, we had a long conversation, in fact, so long, I’m going to stop writing this or-”

Scientist 1: Here is a reconstruction of the event in audio form, so graciously delivered by our A.I.

Scientist 2: Fascinating.

Scientist 1: Indeed.


“I just motherfuckin’ KILLED the damn head scientist, I would’ve been a goner if I didn’t. Unfortunately death is required like my mother said! now that I got his clothing, I can just use my card now, right? Now let’s see, this goes in there.. Alright, I’m in.”

Scientist 1: That was rather short, I guess whatever they did, she couldn’t have documented it at the time.
Scientist 2: Do not despair, we still have more entries to analyze.

Scientist 3: Hunter-Seekers found her Identification Card in the Underlab mess hall.

Scientist 2: Interesting.

Scientist 3: The Identification Card is stained with hemofluid, and visibly obscured by scratches. Do you have any more journals?

Scientist 1: Negative. I do have some recording tapes to end this document. Although I am confident Document 2 will be interesting.

Scientist 1: I will display the recordings.

Scientist 2: The tape is an artificial recreation, unfortunately our systems lack the capability to compute and create the rest.

Scientist 3: Let us move to Document 2.

Scientist 1: Yes.

Document no. 2

Scientist 2: We have eight journals.

Scientist 1: This will be a long one, will it not?

Scientist 3: Yes, but we will reach the zenith of Dianna’s intel.


“I heard reports of two dead scientists at the labs, the same place I smuggled goods for. The thing is I remember being there but I forgot what happened? I remember an injection… I’m still smuggling for them, why should I worry? Some scientists told me to go to a warehouse, I’ll be arriving soon. I will write more entries about this soon.”


“It’s getting late, the sun is prolly’ gonna be down by the time I get to that warehouse. I’m currently in a taxi with a middle aged looking guy, bumpy ride but I can still write this down. I need to write here what I’ve been doing for these guys for the past 5 days, fuckin’ long time I know.
Let’s see, I’ve-

-Smuggled plutonium.

-Smuggled drugs for the scientists.

-Helped them make a bomb as a distraction tactic, I think? Whatever those nerds used it for.

-Smuggled some weird shit I don’t even know.

-Been to Canada.

-Been to Mexico.

That’s all I really need to add, the ride’s over, time for another painful work hour.”

“Oh, fuck fuck fuck fuck!!! There’s a motherfuckin’ shootout going on here and I HAVE NOWHERE TO GO!!! There must be an exit right? Shit its blocked with fire! I’ll need to run across the crates so that they can’t see me!

I just ran across the whole fields, I hear those goddamn sounds, I don’t wanna be here anymore!, oh shit gunshots gunshots, okay, where to now???”


“I just escaped that shitshow. I am a pretty tough gal with some thick hide, but I’ll be honest: I threw up at all the corpses. My ears are hurting. I will make more of these ASAP, maybe I can use them to tip off the FBI.”

Scientist 2: Duration Suboptimal.
Scientist 3: Agreed

Scientist 1: Highly unfortunate circumstances.


“I did more of their dirty work again, I know its terrible but I need that money. A couple of suited guys showed up at my house with pistols. They wanted to kill me clearly. I had a pistol myself though, they didn’t stand a damn chance. Seems like those pricks think I know too much. I just need to say to their face “I want out!”, if I did I’d probably be stabbed in the chest though, cowards, can’t even handle a gal’ like me snitching, they’re just bitches, all of them!

I stole one of their syringes too, in fact, something important. I have nothing else to add.



“I haven’t written for so long, I forgot about that whole ordeal involving those scientists. I wanted to move on with my life, and I did for awhile. But I just saw the news, a red ring spotted in Earth’s skies? I was walking my cat (she love to take jogs with me) down the street and saw that damn television.

It was displaying the same news, if its playing everywhere, it must be important.. The red ring.. was that the Material Plane those thugs were talking about? Are the scientists trying to ___ ___ __? Holy shit..

I don’t want to write any further, but strange things are going on, power’s going out, it’s hard to breathe. I got more important things to tend to right now, a notebook just isn’t important in the grand scheme of things.”


“There’s cars everywhere in the city, everyone’s screaming, the sun is completely gone, collapsing buildings, sandstorms, literally everywhere, I’m in one of the military vehicles, they’re bringing us to a bunker, my poor cat Ozzler, she’s barely got any food! I’m going to have to keep quiet about this now.”


“I’m at the bunker now, Ozzler didn’t make it. I’m keeping her skull as a reminder, she had a fresh litter of kittens, they’re in the box playing, sometimes they remind me of when I was a kid, not a degenerate like how I am now, but an innocent child, that was ripped away from me in the e____”


“Where am I? Its such a.. fleshy.. looking place, damn storms. This is what those scientists were talking about, isn’t it: The Prime Material Plane. Is this even in the solar system? There is a group of monsters.. rescuing the survivors.”

Scientist 3: That is the conclusion of the document, clearly being written about her experience during Planetfall.

Scientist 1: We have the third and final document on standby.

Document no. 3

Scientist 1: Document-3 will be displayed.


“The scientists helped me out and took me to a place called the Underlabs, they told me to keep quiet about it whenever I went outside. It was a long trip, we fought a big monster, the scientists call it a Klarmangrrothos, they taught me how to survive in this hellhole. I also saw an ugly naked cat in a cage. I taunted it and called it ugly names. We’ve been getting rather worry-some reports of activity detected near the Underlabs entrance, I have to bounce, one of the scientist needs me.

“There was some activity around all entrances of the Underlabs. Both sealed and unsealed. Hunter-Seeker trails, not ours either. The Head Scientist placed the joint on lockdown. I’m locked in my quarters at the moment, security is rummaging through our shit to make sure none of us are snitches.”


It’s getting late. Unfortunately I have to stay up and talk with security about some random shit I don’t give a rat’s ass about!

They are probably going to see that, but I am pretty confident in my smuggling skills. Two hours of my life were wasted on that damn lockdown too, I could’ve done something productive. A naked cat just ran through the halls yelling like a mad man, it didn’t last a second before guns were fired. It probably just escaped its cage. I think another one of those critters escaped its cell or something, I hear shuffling in my walls.”

Scientist 1: Unfortunately this is the last entry we have in this time period. There is a significant chronojump between the previous entry and the next one.

Scientist 2: How long?

Scientist 3: Two years.

Scientist 1: Then let’s begin.

“A lot of bad shit is happening. The banging is getting louder near the gates, our mounted sentries finished off what was behind the door. They did a sloppy job, I can still hear noises. One guy.. a friend.. couldn’t take it anymore. He’s gone.”


“The entry gate is down. I have to go!”

Audio feed obtained from the Underlab’s cameras.

Scientist 1: That is all we have.

Scientist 3: Recommendation?

Scientist 1: File it in the Database.