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Monthly Archives: April 2022


The Bingu is a predatory critter created from the mutated bio-mass of some sort pink critter known as a Sphynx Cat. It was originally created in the Googas Underlabs, before their mysterious closure. Breeding Usually after the reproduction of a Bingu (process not disclosed). It is runnin’ free into the wild, outside of that big […]


Tharsis, also known as the Red Desert, is a vast desert made from blood red dust. It is inhabited by a niche ecosystem. Originally a thriving rain forest, N’nosk transformed it into a maroon desert with his fonudries and mines when he discovered high amounts of ore and minerals to use. It is considered a […]


Nagaiborīsunēku are an ophidian carnivorous parthenogenetic species. Because of their parthenogenetic nature, all members of the species are female. They are highly dangerous apex predators which use their ability to travel in subterranean environments to ambush prey from below. Nagaiborīsunēku are also highly agile, being able to climb, crawl, and run at high speeds. Nagaiborīsunēku […]


Knights are a species of genetically modified, hexapedal, humanoid organisms designed solely for the purpose of being shock troopers and cannon fodder for N’nosk’s Empire. They are deployed from massive prism-like dropships, from which they charge into battle in amorphous swarms. Description Knights are around seven feet tall, with four grasping appendages and two locomotion […]

Repair Unit

Repair Units are small, quadrupedal mechanical organisms created by other organisms to repair, construct, and deconstruct other structures. They are small, and quite physically weak. They also lack offensive capabilities, being armed with a nanodeconstructor and nanoconstructor. Although they can use their legs to defend themselves. They are usually mass produced, as they are quite […]


Fins are an exceedingly common form of biological locomotive adaptation. They are thin appendages attached to a larger body or structure. They typically function as foils that produce lift, or thrust or provide the ability to steer or stabilize motion while traveling through water or something analogous. The fins on the tails of cetaceans, mosasaurs, […]


Switchclaws are a type of biological offensive adaptation evolved predominantly by carnivorous organisms. Switchclaws are a secondary row of claws above the primary row, which can retract in and out of the foot or hand in a similar manner to a switchblade.


A Monarchy is a governmental system in which the people are ruled by an organism known as a Monarch. The Monarch is elected via religious beliefs, bloodline, or other means. In this form of government, the Monarch is usually known as a King, Emperor, Queen, or something of the like. Monarchies are some of the […]