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YOU WILL NEED THESE. 562-AJK51 1-2456KALLI 672-HAL-6236 62727264-J


The Pelonid is a large predatory flying insect of the order Blattodea, which includes cockroaches and termites. Unlike either of these insects however, they are far larger and roughly the size of a large rat. In a similar manner to a nomadic termite nest, Pelonids travel in eusocial swarms, devouring anything that gets caught in […]


The Empire | The Authority Contact Log Alpha-1 ,;|.\ \:.:,|.•\ | ,;|.\ /;,;|.:•|.,;• /.\:,://.\,; ::\.| Contact Log Alpha 1: Location: City-1-Svn Time (Prime Material Plane): 189th Pyth Cycle, 5151:!3 Time (Authority): N/A Diplomatic Envoy (Empire):  Yaganazathoth DIplomatic Envoy (Authority): 55329-293-1 Context: In 5151:13 on the 1st Pyth Cycle, a small kaleidoscopic rift opened in the city […]

Subject 23-X09. Name: Dianna

The following is all related logs and tapes correlating to Subject 23-X09. Scientist 1: Who is this? Scientist 2: I’ve only heard of her. Scientist 3: As far as I’m aware. Records say her name is Dianna, a transgender black haired women. She lived through Planetfall y’know, and became one of us. She worked at […]


A Thrall is a categorization given to certain species inhabiting the Empire. If an organism is classified as a thrall, they are considered slaves and without free will. Many species are used as Thralls, from the Pyrites to the Am-hut. Although most have a few things in common: strength, docility, and obedience. As such, these […]


Aquamotes are a recently (as of 5151:13) implemented form of transportation designed for sapient aquatic organisms like the Pithok. They consist of large cylindrical water-filled tanks which cross in parallel with terrestrial paths. Overview An Aquamote consists of an enclosed bulbous tank filled with oxygenated water. This water is dyed a form of light blue […]