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Contact Log Alpha-1

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Contact Log Alpha 1:

Location: City-1-Svn
Time (Prime Material Plane): 189th Pyth Cycle, 5151:!3
Time (Authority): N/A
Diplomatic Envoy (Empire):  Yaganazathoth
DIplomatic Envoy (Authority): 55329-293-1
Context: In 5151:13 on the 1st Pyth Cycle, a small kaleidoscopic rift opened in the city center of City-1-Svn. This rift later grew until it enveloped the entirety of the central regions of the metropolis. The city was evacuated and transformed into the complex known today. Their language was decoded on the 16th Pyth Cycle, and first contact was made via transmission on the 154th Pyth Cycle. On the 189th Pyth Cycle a physical envoy was sent through the now enormous portal to establish communication.

Contact Log Alpha 1 will be contained below

Yaganazathoth: Hello, Authority, we are from the other side of the gateway you may or may not have created. This land beyond is known as the Prime Material Plane, and home to the Empire. I am from the Empire, and our country seeks diplomatic relations.

55329-293-1: What good is it to establish diplomatic relations with whom we have never come across before, and therefore no not of whether your trustworthiness has been verified or not?

Yaganazathoth: Our Empire is a hallowed theocracy, one ruled by the Son of God himself. He is divine and powerful behind all others, and as honest as he is wise. He, and therefore us,  would not betray you.

55329-293-1: There is no god, therefore your emperor does not exist. You have lied to us. Do you want us to trust you? It seems not.

Yaganazathoth: You have not seen our home. It holds things not possible by Your standards. Nothing you have seen can equate or be compared to the inhabitants of the Prime Material Plane.

An Am-Hut slave is ordered to pull a caged warpbeast through the portal and into the Authority.

55329-293-1: You, your empire, your species, your peers, are primitive repugnant slaves waiting to be brought under the Authority’s banner, if you will not comply to our standards, we will make sure your Emperor’s death is painful and everlasting, you parasitic scum.

Yaganazathoth: I am sure you will find this creature’s abilities worth your while. 

Electrostimulation of the cage causes the creature to have an extradimensional spasm.

55329-293-1: You think giant creatures are worth my time? You are revolting.

Yaganazathoth: You seek annihilation. I do not wish malice, but you ignore what this creature can do with a baseless insult.

55329-293-1: Right, a creature that can’t fight for its own freedom has the capability to destroy the Authority, don’t make me laugh, peasant.

Yaganazathoth: You underestimate its power. 

The envoy makes a hand signal, forcing the Am-Hut to give Yaganazathoth an Umbra containment device. 

55329-293-1, using his index and middle grasping extremity commands an Authority Arch Regiment to encircle the Portal incase of a hostile interaction.

55329-293-1: You stay away from the Authority, and we’ll make sure you live to feel pain another day.

Yalganazathoth: You are misinformed about my purpose. Allow me to show you what we can do together. 

Yalganazathoth opens the vial, causing the Umbra to violently attack the Am-Hut slave. As evident from vital machines stationed off-site, the Am-Hut did not survive the encounter despite its movement. 

55329-293-1: The Authority has no interest in associating itself with those who play with Children’s toys.

Unknown (Presumably a military admiral or advisor): █████, the ██████ has informed you that the Primicerius changes his stance to an amiable approach.

55329-293-1: So be it.

55329-293-1: We are interested in working with you.

Yalganazathoth: You will not be disappointed.