Apis, or more commonly known derogatorily as Bees, are sapient (and in some cases humanoid), eusocial Bombus lapidarius which also appear to be under the effects of gigantism. Apis live in large hives, and despite their primitive appearance, are quite technologically advanced and intelligent.

They come in many castes, in fact, too many to be biologically sustained by the size and amount of queens in each hive. Because of this, some scholars of the Cimexian believe that the queen’s ovipositors store far more young than what is biologically, geometrically, and physically, possible.


Apis are isolationist eusocial Bombus lapidarius under the effects of gigantism. Alike other Cimexians, they are fully sapient. Indeed, they are in fact some of the most intelligent Cimexian. Most scholars, teachers, researchers, and tacticians are Apis in origin. Because of this, Apis hives are often very difficult to destroy, damage, or even infiltrate.

Similar to honey bees, Apis live inside large hives made up of wax, crystallized honey, and other materials. These hives, despite being primarily organic in appearance, have the common rooms and utilities of any city, from vast hexagonal libraries, to armories and forges.

Apis consume honey, made from special flowers exclusively farmed in their hives, and bee bread, a mix of compressed pollen and honey. In some cases, certain Apis castes will exit the hive to forage for more flowers to splice their food supply, often inviting invaders of the microscopic variety into their nests.


Apis are extremely phenotypically diverse when it comes to their castes. However, almost all of them have similar traits. A mane of soft, brownish yellow fur which covers their face, white and yellow stripes, and a formidable stinger.

While there are too many Apis castes for us to truly document, a few of the more common or important ones will be listed here.

  • Drones – Four legged Apis with wings, a small stinger, and two smaller appendages designed to hold resources for transport. They are around the size of a domestic cat, and are quite abundant in each hive.
  • Warrior – Apis with four legs, an enormous rotating, drill-like stinger, and a strong fanged maw. These powerful warriors are around the size of a large dog.
  • Guardian – Extremely large, rotund Apis with six wings and four legs. They are almost completely covered in fur, and are powerful enough to smash through the walls of the hives to crush intruders. They are some of the least intelligent Apis castes.