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Leader of the Apothecary, the Plague Doctor is one of the Oligarchs in N'nosk's inner circle. He is a trickster troll, often hiding behind fake guises for the sake of comedy. Usually, he succeeds in this endeavor and acts as the de facto Jester. Hi, my name is Saul Goodman! did you know you have rights?, (lip smack) the constitution says you do.


The Bingu is a predatory critter created from the mutated bio-mass of some sort pink critter known as a Sphynx Cat. It was originally created in the Googas Underlabs, before their mysterious closure. Breeding Usually after the reproduction of a Bingu (process not disclosed). It is runnin’ free into the wild, outside of that big […]


Elaba is an old bunker up north in an old forest, name given by Buddhists inhabiting the bunker when attempting to seek for safety. Description The bunker’s entrance is a lobby containing an elevator leading to the main bunker, after years of disrepair the bunker has since degraded and infested with insects. After the elevator […]