Beckons are a type of magic weapon usually in the form of a staff which can conjure lesser organisms, objects, or structures with the capability to fight for the holder of the staff, called a Beckoner. Beckons are commonly used by mages to guard locations, or simply act as defense for the mage. Entities, objects, and structures summoned by Beckons are known as Beckoned. Almost all beckons are staffs.

Beckoned creatures are often uncontrollable, simply attacking whatever is deemed hostile in the sub-conscious of the Beckoner. Because of this, whips are often employed to control beckoned entities.

Some of the most common Beckon weapons include:

  • Spider Staff – Large, tall wooden staff infested with spiders and covered in webs. A dreamcatcher-like item is attached to the top. As the name implies, the Spider Staff beckons multiple domestic cat-sized spiders of myriad kinds.
  • Bee-Gone – The Bee-gone is an incredibly common weapon in jungles, where feral bees are common. It is considered a taboo for Apis beckoners to use the staff. The bee-gone is almost entirely made up of honeycombs, and resembles a large gnarled walking staff. It beckons up to twenty feral bees.
  • Pulsarcell Staff – The Pulsarcell Staff is a long golden staff with a cluster of pulsarcells concealing the uppermost part of the staff. As the name implies, it summons up to six beckoned pulsarcells to defend the beckoner.