The Bingu is a predatory critter created from the mutated bio-mass of some sort pink critter known as a Sphynx Cat. It was originally created in the Googas Underlabs, before their mysterious closure.


Usually after the reproduction of a Bingu (process not disclosed). It is runnin’ free into the wild, outside of that big ‘ol cat mountain, Mt. Googas is its name I am pretty sure. Usually it marks territory and creates breeding grounds, I reckon they make their hidey-holes in caves or hidden areas. There have been multiple cases of Bingus’ attacking settlements, one infamous case being that ‘ol bunker down in the forest.

When the Bingus.. get busy, if you know what I mean, their young stay in the den with their mothers before being released into the wild. These little critters will then find or create their own pack! How adorable of them, starting their own families.

Reminds me of the time I.. anyways!

When the pack settles down, they mark their territory by pissing. Hehe. Then, creating breeding grounds for their future offspring. Restarting the cycle, reminds me of that time loop I trapped my toddler in. Her suffering was so entertaining.. haha!


Bingu hunt in packs, and never leave the pack. Unlike my wife.. Anyways, they may leave the pack when certain conditions are met.

They are naturally picky eaters, they only consume sugar, catnip, and some other exotic foods. Sorta like how I ate my wife! Haha! They are scared away by quiet noises, but they seem to be unphased or even calm in the presence of loud noises. Unlike me, I run when I hear a gunshot! This enigmatic behavior is probably because those mutations gave these little guys a case of good ‘ol brain damage. Like how I lobotomized my wife!

Bingus’ prefer to attack loudly, they are not silent and will chase their victim until any other circumstances occur which could injure the Bingu themself. This is because the usually slow Sugarback Turtles they usually predate are not only deaf, but also extremely easy to hunt. Because of this, the Bingus’ sense of direction, stealth, and mortality are dim.

These dumb ‘ol pals prefer to attack loudly as possible. They will even chase their victims off a cliff or in some other grinder, killing themselves in the process! I love watching them die, especially the pregnant ones! Doesn’t really make me question why these fellas are dying out, though. You know what also died out? My family! Because I ate them! Scrumptious haha!

Breeding grounds

These little guys have extremely messy nests, littered with dead babies (like my house haha!), bones (like my house haha!), and random pieces of garbage (also like my house haha!). These creatures will also make homes anywhere. Some of these places include:

  • Bingus’ stalagmite: A cave filled with many goodies to find, however you will find the most aggressive Bingus’ there.
  • Sogplog creek: Under the river you will find underwater Bingu who have somehow grown fins! They are docile, even when you are attacking them (not the sharpest), be warned, the water is radioactive.
  • Underlabs Resting House: Some sort of suspected Underlab base thats hot has high hell. It probably has a Bingu Nest, I saw some fiery ones scurrying about near it.

While I find another family to murder, or something else shiny to watch, I hope you have fun sightseeing!