Biological Manifestation

Biological Manifestation is the act of a ghost obtaining the energy to physical manifest the biological components required to produce, create, or cause certain actions, materials, or scenarios. Most ghosts lack the emotional energy to full manifest in this way. However when a ghost dies in an exceedingly violent way, or finds an extremely satiating food source they can fully biological manifest.

Biological manifestation begins with the creation of basic organs, bones, and tissues which can then be placed in a apparitional pocketrealm. From which, the tissues can continue to form until becoming similar in form to an actual organism. Upon the ghost’s will, this bio-husk will then manifest itself in the material plane nearby the ghost and allow it to possess the husk. Upon which, the ghost has fully bio-manifested.

Ghosts can also partially bio-manifest, which is how ectoplasm spewing spectres can exist without a fully visible bio-form. Some ghosts will even manifest in small parts, like how certain ghosts will manifest as floating heads or decapitated torsos. Ghosts like the Obake can augment their bio-husks while manifested, which allows them to shapeshift.