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Bionics are mechanical or electronic cybernetic substitutes for biological limbs or organs. Generally, the bionic is more durable and efficient than the biological original, and it may even grant the organism new capabilities. When it comes to Bionic spine implants, they can be overcharged via a special kill code consisting of “777”. Which causes the death of the organism with such an overcharged spine implant.

The use of Bionics is widespread in the Prime Material Plane, almost as common as their biological variant, Zooids. While Bionics are widespread throughout the Prime Material Plane. The currency required to purchase them, Bytes, are highly coveted and valuable. As such, most cheap Bionics are far less efficient than other alternatives like Zooids.


The most common use of Bionics is the replacement of diseased or damaged organs with bionic ones. Which can include partial or full replacement of organs, brain implants, cybernetic weaponry, etc.. The standard technological level of Bionics is completely inconstant. In some locations, Bionics are powered by steam and coal, and in others they are wonders of the science. However, most Bionics are steam-powered and inefficient.

N’nosk’s bionics are among the more sophisticated and can reverse what would otherwise be fatal or crippling injuries. Although at times they can be rather clumsy.

Although bionic parts are mechanical, many of them are tied into the user’s bloodstream, nerve endings, etc., so damage to one may be as debilitating as an injury to the original organic part, although in general bionic replacements are a lot more durable than their organic counterparts.

Types of Bionics

Below will be a list of every known Bionic, this list is by no means exhaustive.

  • Bionic Organs – Bionic Organs are among the most common form of Bionic augmentation. They act as replacements or improvements to diseases or damaged organs. They are exceedingly common among the thanatophobic aristocrats of the Prime Material Plane.
  • Bionic Senses – Bionic Senses are probably the most common form of Bionic. From shoddy telescope-like eyes, to highly advanced auditorial sensors. Bionic Senses can both lousily replace, or flawlessly upgrade the senses of an organism.
  • Nervous-Electrical Implant – The Nervous-Electrical Implant is a chip connected to the brain, and it allows this brain to neurally access and control an electrical system of the organism’s choosing. This can include the camera system of a ship, a browser-based digital software, or an entire electrical systems.
  • Cybernetic Limbs – Cybernetic Limbs are a myriad classification for any Bionic appendage. From extra arms, to armor clad limbs ending in guns or blades, even to metal tentacles and cameras.