Bloodtip Sprout

The Bloodtip Sprout is an exceedingly common succulent that often grows where blood is spilled. In myth, it is said that the blood red color on the plants are created because they absorb the sin of the nearby inhabitants.

This average-sized leaf succulent grows up to 69 feet (21.0 meters) tall. The wavy-edged, slender, pointed leaves are blood red on the sides and caramel at the center. Small bunches of them grow from the base in random directions. The leaves are fairly frail, but are very difficult to pull away. It is very fast growing, taking 5 months to reach maturity.

Once mature, a handful of flowers with petals that are generally brown; each flower tends to be a variation of this colour grow at the top, reappearing once every 8 years. The flower head is an uncoordinated mess of 36 curved petals. It has no scent. The leaf succulent’s skin is very thick, the purple flesh is waxy, and the yellow sap is thin.