Boneweavers are a species of spider-like arachnid organisms responsible for the creation of silk by biologically reassembling bone tissue. They are quite large, and living in large social groups. They are around the size of a Typhonic Hound, although twice as dangerous.


Boneweavers have eight legs ending in sharp, almost translucent black spikes, and a wasp-like abdomen decorated with sharp spines. Boneweavers have a grey, insectoid thorax and a head eerily similar to that of a human skull. These creatures appear to have four eyes, although they are rammed into the empty sockets of their head naturally. They have humanoid jaws layered with shrapnel-like teeth, and a secondary jaw is located inside this one, and is involved in reproduction.

They live in social groups of up to one hundred members, although they are not eusocial in nature.

As mentioned above, they have a large spinneret resembling a wasp-like stinger, which can reassemble digested/consumed bone tissue into a thin, white, and durable silk. When processed, it becomes prussian blue and is used as the primary currency in the Empire. Their usefulness is unparalleled, and as such the Empire oftentimes creates artificial Boneweaver colonies to harvest and refine their silk.