The Brainways are a three mile layer of brain tissue directly below the surface of the Prime Material Plane. Highly dangerous, they crackle with neuroelectricity and in some parts crumble into dust from neurodegenerative rot. Of course, what could be seen as a simple barrier to more easy access caverns in Tenebrosus or beyond, was exploited by the Syndicate.

As the name implies, the Brainways have been turned into a tunnel network and are now used as the predominant mode of travel in the empire. To harness the locomotive power of the Brainways, one must find a way to create tunnels which do not collapse or become sealed with scar tissue.

To do this, the mighty N’nosk has physically modified Naegleria Fowerli specimen into a long, train-like organism. These organisms can store travelers in hollows in its cytoplasm, and eat through the constantly healing tunnels to reach every passenger unloading/reloading station.