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YOU WILL NEED THESE. 562-AJK51 1-2456KALLI 672-HAL-6236 62727264-J


The Empire | The Authority Contact Log Alpha-1 ,;|.\ \:.:,|.•\ | ,;|.\ /;,;|.:•|.,;• /.\:,://.\,; ::\.| Contact Log Alpha 1: Location: City-1-Svn Time (Prime Material Plane): 189th Pyth Cycle, 5151:!3 Time (Authority): N/A Diplomatic Envoy (Empire):  Yaganazathoth DIplomatic Envoy (Authority): 55329-293-1 Context: In 5151:13 on the 1st Pyth Cycle, a small kaleidoscopic rift opened in the city […]

Subject 23-X09. Name: Dianna

The following is all related logs and tapes correlating to Subject 23-X09. Scientist 1: Who is this? Scientist 2: I’ve only heard of her. Scientist 3: As far as I’m aware. Records say her name is Dianna, a transgender black haired women. She lived through Planetfall y’know, and became one of us. She worked at […]


These are a set of messages recovered from a house, unfortunately we don’t know what the date is, but enjoy reading. – Archivist 5151-B Diary Entries: “10/10/████: Hey, my name is Charles, I’m 36 living in Pennsylvania avenue, I’m just documenting myself in case well.. I don’t know.. get Alzheimer’s? I got a pretty good […]

Access Code Databank

Following contains every Access Code in the Database. From your favorite Separatist. A52T34G3-3433W45 4534T3W46T363-4T34EW 43-43W5W453QQ2TGY4 894713TGERH-54WW 214123WEGWY45 3525222WEW352 ASDGRHER2523 PAIN1358910 67829782P52I63 PODI32O26 HISBHI252209692BFOGS FDFIS25267262 WTRT63225262 JAKR526262 HOW2116373 6E5A66262 5624SG463

Data Log-702

Department of Anomalous Hostile Organisms. Date: ██/███/███ Time: ██:██ Logged by ████ ████ Following Data Log entails the biology of an organism simply known as the Wretch. The creature is aberrated, possibly Umbral. It appears to be formed from a commingled assemblage of malformed cadavers. While the back and limbs are the most demonstrative of […]

DODS Report-415

Department of Dimensional Science Date: █/██/█████ Time: ██:██ Logged by Aoto Aorak As of █/██/████ we have made a large advancement in extradimensional translocation technology. With the assistance of our allies in the Biotechnology Department, we have created a living bio-transdimensional relocater. We call them Gates. These Gates are rapidly increasing in size and bio-matter. […]


On █/█/██ the Empire has decided to add Interview-7786456474 to the Database. While its authenticity is debatable, it is still an important link to other Interviews. The contents of the Interview will be explained below. The identities of the Interviewer and the Interviewed will be hidden for the sake of the former’s protection. Interviewer: Do […]