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Goryō are a type of predatory, vengeful, ghost with the capability to feed on, and control, electrical power. They are relatively aggressive, although their aggression decreases when in the absence of electric energy. Goryō are highly dangerous when fully charged, and some tales tell that a Goryō can destroy thousands of men in an instant […]


The Nekomata is a type of Yokai. They are created when a cat is exposed to emotional or apparitional energy. Upon reaching a certain threshold, their tales will split into two and they will gain new powers. These powers include levitation, the ability to speak and understand human language, and the ability to devour souls. […]


The Obake is an opportunistic predatory Spectre. Unlike other Spectres, the physical changes to its body after death are extremely drastic. To the point at which sightings of these ghosts may even be confused for mutants or even servants of chaos gods. They are considered Yokai because of their primary habitat. Description The Obake are […]