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Amygadala are a species of enormous, semi-humanoid, insectoids which could be considered Old Ones. They have 24 skeletal humanoid arms, each with seven fingers randomly placed around the hands. Their back legs are very stubby, and are barely usable. Their elongated, plump, and bulbous ovipositor ends in an enormous serrated stinger used for reproductive and […]


Cover their eyes with the mist! Make them go missing without a trace! A battlecry made by Rtari cultists. Rtar is the chaos god of fog, the unknown, what lurks below, and going missing without a trace. He is described as a cloud of reddish black smoke with crackling lightning illuminating the internal organs within. […]


Yash is the chaos god of the abyss. His patron color is yellow, his patron number 12, and his patron beast the kraken. He lives at the bottom of the Ulthar trench, in a large yellow and green coral palace. Because his servants lack creativity of any kind, he lacks a battle cry, or even […]