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Guardians of N’nosk


Cnaaghurh is an enormous (6000 ft) eruciform organism under the servitude of N’nosk’s empire. It is primarily aquatic. Its head, however, is nigh identical to that of Chlamydoselachus anguineus (the Frilled Shark). Possibly implying the aquatic origins of this unique creature. Description Cnaaghurh is an enormously long creature with traits common in aquatic organisms. It […]

The Sepulcher

The Sepulcher is a powerful worm so volatile, that not even its mighty master, N’nosk, can fully control it. It is 636 feet long, each segment being twelve feet in length. It is entirely made out of the bones of demi-gods, deities, and other powerful entities. Description The Sepulcher is 636 feet long, all 53 […]