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A Monarchy is a governmental system in which the people are ruled by an organism known as a Monarch. The Monarch is elected via religious beliefs, bloodline, or other means. In this form of government, the Monarch is usually known as a King, Emperor, Queen, or something of the like. Monarchies are some of the […]


An Oligarchy or Ruling Council is a governmental in which the nation or faction in question is ruled by a small or medium sized group of organisms under an iron fist. This form of authoritarian government is quite frequent in nations or empires. It is effective, as proven by the existence of many hundreds of […]


A Uniocracy, also known as a Hivemind is a rule by a singularity of minds connected via a form of biological or mechanical telepathy acting as a form of telepathic supercomputer to make decisions and actions based on the environment and the will of the Overmind. The Overmind is the supreme controller organism of the […]