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Magic is the application, manipulation, and creation of energy using some sort of magically active biological or inorganic structure. For example, one of these structures could be some sort of organ which can control Umbra, as this organ can control, manipulate, and create energy, this is classified as a magical organ. Organisms or structures that […]


Radiance is a blinding light that flows and pulses like liquid. From its blinding white light, crawl and fly forth radiant Organisms. Radiance is a form of matter from which organisms can form. It is located and formed in the heavenly Empryean, and most radiant lifeforms inhabit this place as well. The study of the […]


Fins are an exceedingly common form of biological locomotive adaptation. They are thin appendages attached to a larger body or structure. They typically function as foils that produce lift, or thrust or provide the ability to steer or stabilize motion while traveling through water or something analogous. The fins on the tails of cetaceans, mosasaurs, […]


Switchclaws are a type of biological offensive adaptation evolved predominantly by carnivorous organisms. Switchclaws are a secondary row of claws above the primary row, which can retract in and out of the foot or hand in a similar manner to a switchblade.


A Uniocracy, also known as a Hivemind is a rule by a singularity of minds connected via a form of biological or mechanical telepathy acting as a form of telepathic supercomputer to make decisions and actions based on the environment and the will of the Overmind. The Overmind is the supreme controller organism of the […]


Umbra is a type of matter which can bond with certain proteins and molecules to create life. Umbrology is the study of Umbra-based creatures, and is analogous to biology. Umbra-based creatures (or Umbral Creatures) almost always have hyperdivergent phenotypes among their kind. Biology Aberrant Cells Umbra is made up of smaller black crystalline particulates known […]