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Boneweavers are a species of spider-like arachnid organisms responsible for the creation of silk by biologically reassembling bone tissue. They are quite large, and living in large social groups. They are around the size of a Typhonic Hound, although twice as dangerous. Description Boneweavers have eight legs ending in sharp, almost translucent black spikes, and […]


Heavensnakes are radiant, hypercarnivorous omnivores native to the Empryean. They resemble ophidians of many kinds with angelic, white feathered wings. They are 15 ft feet in length, and use their size to assist in constriction, their primary method of killing prey organisms. While their appearance demonstrates characteristics of a biological organism, they are purely radiant.


Ophanims are radiant predatory organisms which use auditory mimicry to lure and consume prey organisms. They are created when Radiance fuses with the stone obelisks found around the Empryean. Which they also happen to inhabit. Because of this, their primary locomotion method is levitating via Radiant energy. Appearance They resemble large globular human eyes encased […]


The Bingu is a predatory critter created from the mutated bio-mass of some sort pink critter known as a Sphynx Cat. It was originally created in the Googas Underlabs, before their mysterious closure. Breeding Usually after the reproduction of a Bingu (process not disclosed). It is runnin’ free into the wild, outside of that big […]


Nagaiborīsunēku are an ophidian carnivorous parthenogenetic species. Because of their parthenogenetic nature, all members of the species are female. They are highly dangerous apex predators which use their ability to travel in subterranean environments to ambush prey from below. Nagaiborīsunēku are also highly agile, being able to climb, crawl, and run at high speeds. Nagaiborīsunēku […]

Repair Unit

Repair Units are small, quadrupedal mechanical organisms created by other organisms to repair, construct, and deconstruct other structures. They are small, and quite physically weak. They also lack offensive capabilities, being armed with a nanodeconstructor and nanoconstructor. Although they can use their legs to defend themselves. They are usually mass produced, as they are quite […]


Festerflies are giant, mutated, irradiated flies. They are commonly found collecting at the beginning of battles. When the bloodshed is over, the Festerflies feast. While originally booming in population during N’nosk’s conquest, they have faced nigh extinction because of the lack of battles and hunting. Certain military divisions employ them as mounts.


Wargolems are a “species” of construct created in N’nosk’s Cauldron. They are roughly thirty feet tall, and resemble living metal sarcophagi, and can behave as such to capture prisoners in battle. They act as not only powerful soldiers, but living catapults as they can hurl enormously sized ammo. Wargolems cannot just capture living organisms, they […]

Crawling Claw

Crawling Claws are a “species” of mechanical clawed human hands which are highly hostile to all but their creators. They are extremely common around the Cauldron of N’nosk. They are predominantly born in N’nosk’s Cauldron and found as part of the military of N’nosk’s empire. Creation Crawling Claws in their inanimate state consist of myriad […]


Glimmermoths are enormous, semi-sapient species of giant moths. They are named after their enormous, glittering wings, and the sparkling dust that they produce. They also have twin stingers on the end of their abdomen, although they lack venom, they can still end lives. They common inhabit the undergrowths of large forests, feeding off of the […]