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Glimmermoths are enormous, semi-sapient species of giant moths. They are named after their enormous, glittering wings, and the sparkling dust that they produce. They also have twin stingers on the end of their abdomen, although they lack venom, they can still end lives. They common inhabit the undergrowths of large forests, feeding off of the […]


Hardshell are a species of beetle-like xylophagous organisms reaching around 4.8-5.1 feet in length. Their most distinctive features are their crack-like bioluminescent electric blue patterns, and large gnarled, and branch-like mandibles. Which are used to assist in their xylophagous diet. As implied by the name, Hardshell’s chitin is sturdy enough to withstand mortar shells and […]


Janheck are medium-sized, hypo-carnivorous omnivores, octopedal creatures with a domed head covered with tendrils, two narrow tan eyes situated high on its head, no visible ears, no visible nose, and an indented jaw. They have a short neck, and its shoulders are broad. They have a barrel-chested torso, and eight elongated, slender legs that end […]