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Eurypterids are a group of aquatic arthropods closely related to scorpions. They inhabit seas all around the Prime Material Plane, although their only detected habitat in known space is in Acheron. Eurypterids are usually either very small, or medium sized. The largest Eurypterid Jaekelopterus, reached 2.5 meters (8.2 ft) in length. Eurypterids were not uniformly large […]

Osseous Fiend

Osseous Fiends, also known as Fiends, are a species of large acariformes roughly 14.7 feet in length. While they are considered Acariformes, their categorization as arachnids has been removed. Recently, they have begun to make hostile crusades against the Empire, despite their predominantly aquatic nature. Osseous Threat They have roughly twenty limbs, ten for locomotion […]


Typhon (Os petalum) are a species of large, emaciated humanoid mesopredators Biology Description The average Typhon can reach heights of six to ten feet. They have slimy gray, white, brown, or green skin with enormous five jointed limbs ending in clawed hands. Their feet and legs are similar in appearance to those of a theropod, […]