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Repair Unit

Repair Units are small, quadrupedal mechanical organisms created by other organisms to repair, construct, and deconstruct other structures. They are small, and quite physically weak. They also lack offensive capabilities, being armed with a nanodeconstructor and nanoconstructor. Although they can use their legs to defend themselves. They are usually mass produced, as they are quite […]


Wargolems are a “species” of construct created in N’nosk’s Cauldron. They are roughly thirty feet tall, and resemble living metal sarcophagi, and can behave as such to capture prisoners in battle. They act as not only powerful soldiers, but living catapults as they can hurl enormously sized ammo. Wargolems cannot just capture living organisms, they […]

Crawling Claw

Crawling Claws are a “species” of mechanical clawed human hands which are highly hostile to all but their creators. They are extremely common around the Cauldron of N’nosk. They are predominantly born in N’nosk’s Cauldron and found as part of the military of N’nosk’s empire. Creation Crawling Claws in their inanimate state consist of myriad […]


The Synider is a species of arachnoid stone organism known to show low amounts of hostility and for its unique geophagous diet. “Synider” is a portmanteau of synthetic and spider. Syniders are geophagous, consuming rocks found often throughout their habitat. They are relatively undisturbed, as Synthetic constructs are not meals for most predatory organisms. They […]


Synthoids are a species of vespoid stone constructs. Their name is portmanteau of Synthetic and Vespoid. Synthoids are solitary, and quite rarely encountered by sapient organisms. However, some have been domesticated and tamed for the purpose of creating mounts and beasts of war.