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The Meatlure is a large, common, and dangerous carnivorous plant. While it primarily hunts insects, it can and has killed many other species. It has been hunted to extinction near cities and towns, although it is common in untamed wilderness. This common, large snare trap grows up to 4.5 feet (1.4 cm)  tall, and produces multiple […]


The Bthnkor is a type of predator plant which uses snare traps to catch its prey. It is very rare, and just as dangerous as it is enigmatic. This very rare, big snare trap grows up to 1.4 feet (43 cm) tall, and produces a cluster of slender slate stalks and umbrella-shaped amber traps up […]

Blight Grass

Blight Grass is an average-sized, orange grass that grows up to 3 feet (91.4 cm) tall. The broad, flat stalks grow in sparse patches that are flexible. When mature, the end of the stem eventually transforms into a medium-sized, hazel tail. During the late summer, it produces lots of pollen; it does not cause many allergic […]


The Syha’hnahh is a small, deciduous fruit-tree which is commonly farmed for its nutritious fruit. They have a unique symbiosis with the Tanglement, only demonstrated in places where they need active defense from attackers of any kind. This small fruit tree grows up to 7 feet (2.1 meters) tall and lives for up to 20 years, […]

Bloodtip Sprout

The Bloodtip Sprout is an exceedingly common succulent that often grows where blood is spilled. In myth, it is said that the blood red color on the plants are created because they absorb the sin of the nearby inhabitants. This average-sized leaf succulent grows up to 69 feet (21.0 meters) tall. The wavy-edged, slender, pointed […]

Flamespine Cactus

The Flamespine Cactus is an enormous floral organism which is found in the Fleshdeserts of Alg, the Cacti Forests, and other arid locations. They are commonly farmed because their golden sap, which is already hallucinogenic, can be processed into a potent drug. This massive cactus grows up to 165 feet (50.3 meters) tall. The slender, […]