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Ol Dhajolz Ol Dhajolz Ol Dhajolz Trollge is a highly dangerous predatory organism. It is umbral, and created from Umbra. Its unique grasping appendages end in bulbs which use telekinesis to grab and manipulate the environment. Trollge is also easily recognized by his pale, humanoid face, with sharp teeth and cat-like eyes. Description A true […]


Underlings are a species of mechanically augmented soldiers which act as the primary cannon fodder of N’nosk’s empire. They are roughly five feet in height, and six feet in length. Underlings are predominately electrophagous, and often will cause power outages in areas deployed. Description Underlings are hexapedal, with four walking limbs, and two mechanical appendages […]


Vessels (Folliculi inanis), sometimes incorrectly and derogatorily called “Stags” are a cimexian species of semi-humanoid sapient stag beetles. Unique among Cimexians, they have multiple nymph stages of different complexities. They are predominantly sapro-xylophagous, however they can consume living wood. Although it has been demonstrated that a Vessel can consume meat. This makes the average Vessel […]


Apis, or more commonly known derogatorily as Bees, are sapient (and in some cases humanoid), eusocial Bombus lapidarius which also appear to be under the effects of gigantism. Apis live in large hives, and despite their primitive appearance, are quite technologically advanced and intelligent. They come in many castes, in fact, too many to be […]


Trematoda are sapient vermiform creatures who inhabit cramped and moist areas in large colonies. Trematoda are rather primitive when it comes to intellect, however they have the ability to speak and understand basic processes. They also understand the concept of family quite well. Trematoda lack a species-wide language and usually speak broken common, if they […]