Jakeopod.com is a place where I can share my beliefs, my ideas, my ideologies, my projects, my writing, my opinions. It is my domain, where I can do whatever I desire with the help of my trusted staff. Although totalitarian sounding, this site is a playground in which I can my most trusted friends can speak their mind, write what they want, and host their projects. Here, anyone who I trust or who gains my trust can be invited to join our “cabal” to write and expression themselves freely.

We will defend our patrons and members with fervent zealousness, unless their actions are completely un-defendable. Disagreeing with our beliefs is your problem alone, we only seek to express ourselves. You can find our staff, people apart of Jakeopod.com who we deem appropriate for administration and other serious business, here.

For the people who do not have permission to modify, edit, and create, I hope you can enjoy witnessing our creations and masterpieces. If you care, our privacy policy and attributions sections are below. Below even that are hyperlinks to other parts of this site.

Jakeopod.com is separated into sub-domains, where our writings are held. Below they are listed if you care for spectating. They are listed in alphabetical order, for your convenience.







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