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Schnellekabine are a type of transportation method rarely used. They are the mechanical variant of the Brainways, although they have far more locomotive and architectural restrictions. Despite this, they are the primary mode of travel for organisms of the Higher Caste. Description Schnellekabine consist of many interlocking cabs, which sit upon the backs of large […]


The Floppaths are a network of glass tubes which are navigated by giant fire breathing mutants of the genus caracal caracal. While the Brainways, among other transportation lines, are far more popular, the Floppaths are arguably the safest. Especially with their high speed of four hundred miles per hour. Description Suspended high above the ground […]


A wheel is a circular component that is designed to rotate on an axle bearing. In unison with axles, wheels allow heavy objects to be moved with ease. Which facilitates movement/transportation while supported a load, or performing labor in/on machines. Wheels are also used for other purposes, such as steering wheels. History Wheels are as […]


Shadebone is a pure white or black, smooth material created by mixing bone dust with Umbra (in the case of Black Shadebone) or Radiance (in the case of white Shadebone). It is used exclusively in the creation of Masks, because of its ability to be carved with ease and its magical capabilities. Because of its […]


The Brainways are a three mile layer of brain tissue directly below the surface of the Prime Material Plane. Highly dangerous, they crackle with neuroelectricity and in some parts crumble into dust from neurodegenerative rot. Of course, what could be seen as a simple barrier to more easy access caverns in Tenebrosus or beyond, was […]


Masks are a type of magical item worn to enhance, or create, magical abilities in the user. They are worn across the face, completely concealing it. They are impossible to take off, which means that choosing the appearance of your Mask is paramount. They are created from Shadebone, a material created by mixing pulverized bone […]


A Hoverbike is a fast and highly maneuverable light vehicle that uses advanced anti-gravitic technology for locomotion. This allows it to hover above any surface while being propelled by its powerful jet or rocket engines. These sleek vehicles can be used to carry a passenger into the air, or above the whirlwind of a conflict […]


See also: Mechapodia Bionics are mechanical or electronic cybernetic substitutes for biological limbs or organs. Generally, the bionic is more durable and efficient than the biological original, and it may even grant the organism new capabilities. When it comes to Bionic spine implants, they can be overcharged via a special kill code consisting of “777”. […]


Mechapodia are the enormous assortment of mechanical tentacles and arms used by the organisms of the Prime Material Plane. A Mechapodia is used for micro-construction and repair, maintenance tasks, scientific research and even defensive firepower. Most Mechapodia contain a number of tools, devices or weapons that are intended to serve the specific functions required by […]


Zooids are singular organisms which can combine to create larger organisms. They are commonly sold and exported, as they can combine with other organisms for beneficial purposes. Zooids are purchased with Silk as larva, and are allowed to meld with the area in which the purchaser, known as a Host, wants the Zooid to grow. […]