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Blood Moon

The Blood Moon is one of the many moons of the Prime Material Plane. It is bright red, and is known to awaken deadly monsters from their slumber as long as it is exposed to the night sky. Normally, it is blocked by the Eye of God, however during certain events known as Blood Eclipses, […]


Hemolightning is blood red lightning, it commonly will strike at random intervals at all locations throughout the Prime Material Plane. Although it often follows Hemostorms.


Hemostorms are an extremely common weather phenomena which almost always occur throughout the Prime Material Plane. They consist of the formation of cyclone-like clouds and boiling blood rain which quickly follows. Eventually, massive and frequent hemolightning will begin to strike around the area. Most creatures native to the Prime Material Plane are immune to the […]

Self-aware Lifeform Detection Cyberform

The Self-aware Lifeform Detection Cyberform, or most commonly known as the Sald, is a unique cybernetic entity created in the Archives to patrol, guard, and protect us. Description The Sald is a unique automaton, in that it is more flesh than machine. Unlike our other sentinels and automatons, who are designed to exclusively do extremely […]