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Slag Gun

Slag Guns are an exceedingly common form of ranged weaponry. They fire gobbets of molten slag at enemies. Slag Guns come in many different varieties, from pistols, to fully automatic machine guns. They are primarily used for aerial denial on larger scales, although in the use of pistols or smaller arms they can be effective […]


Beckons are a type of magic weapon usually in the form of a staff which can conjure lesser organisms, objects, or structures with the capability to fight for the holder of the staff, called a Beckoner. Beckons are commonly used by mages to guard locations, or simply act as defense for the mage. Entities, objects, […]

Type-4 Spike Carbine (TSC Rifle)

A perfect little weapon for a perfect little subordinate troop. – N’nosk The Type-4 Spike Carbine, more commonly called the TSC Rifle, is a fully automatic magazine-fed railgun. Its projectiles are pulled between the rails are superheated and elongated into the serrated spikes which give this weapon its name. Below the barrel are two tusk-like […]