These are a set of messages recovered from a house, unfortunately we don’t know what the date is, but enjoy reading.

– Archivist 5151-B

Diary Entries:

“10/10/████: Hey, my name is Charles, I’m 36 living in Pennsylvania avenue, I’m just documenting myself in case well.. I don’t know.. get Alzheimer’s? I got a pretty good diet, I eat my greens, with a little bit of Coca-Cola, and I take my medication each day but the doctor doesn’t want me to tell anyone about it so I won’t. I also take an injection, no idea what I’m injecting myself with though. My wife Ozzie complains to me about abuse and other lame shit! Why won’t doesn’t she calm down, that stupid______________________________ _________ ______ ______”

The rest of the message is scratched up, we have used to artificial reimagery to restore some of the lost sentence.

“10/10/████: I saw Fireflies in the dark outside of my house, it’s gettin’ late, but before I go to bed my wife is making some fine stew. I got a call from an old friend, told me that he was looking through his astronomy thingy’, dunno’ what it is but apparently there was a red dot in space? he said it was gettin’ closer and closer, however it won’t crash on earth any time soon. While I was walking down the street to get me some grub, I saw… something… something awful, I don’t wan- I want to forget. As I got to the store another scene, what the fuck is going on? The TV… a woman was on there talkin’ about like, some weird red dot spotted near earth, after that I went back home and-, damn I’m tired, I’m going to bed.”

“10/11/████: The sun is getting smaller.. dimmer. It’s all over the news and everything! That red dot thingie to, that things gettin’ bigger.. big enough to see with my bare eyes! I dunno what the hell it is but it seems like it’s replacin’ the sun or something.

It’s been a few hours, the power went out in my neighborhood. The TV was doing some sorta news announcement or whatever they call it.. international power outages are happening. Or that’s what they said. Me and buddies think that red thing in the sky has somethin’ to do with it. Its hard to breathe too, like the air is being sucked away, no more clouds either. This is either one awful coincidence, or somethin’ bad is going down. Signing off.”

“10/11/████: The sun.. oh my lord the sun.. it’s completely gone. The sun is a tiny lil’ speck in the sky.. all the clouds are gone.. the sky is red! The speck ain’t a speck anymore either, I don’t know what the hell it is but it ain’t red and it ain’t a speck. Mother of Christ the government is going insane, there aren’t any more TV channels or anything, its all emergency broadcasts. Uncle Sam wants me to get into a bunker or some shit. But I ain’t leavin’ my home, I gotta stay with my wife and friends.. my family..”

“10/11/████: I hear sounds.”

This one is eerily short, do not despair, the others are longer.

“10/12/████: I got to a bunker, my wife made it but the rest of my family didn’t, sandstorms are happenin’, the radio says buildings are getting destroyed one by one… as if that didn’t make it worse, the night sky howls, the moon’s shining brighter than ever, what, IT’S GETTING CLOS____________”

“10/20/████: Blood red sand, dust storms, lightning, every bad element you could think of!, I don’t know where I am, but it doesn’t look like it’s good, ever since? Ever since… ever since that happened I’ve been off the dang’ rocks! I don’t think I’m gonna document anymore. I killed this weird dog thing and I found some mention of a place called the Dome, I wanna go there. In case anyone finds this, good luck in this hellhole.”

That’s the end of these pages, we hope you had a good time reading, and have more knowledge than you already had. =)