Cnaaghurh is an enormous (6000 ft) eruciform organism under the servitude of N’nosk’s empire. It is primarily aquatic. Its head, however, is nigh identical to that of Chlamydoselachus anguineus (the Frilled Shark). Possibly implying the aquatic origins of this unique creature.


Cnaaghurh is an enormously long creature with traits common in aquatic organisms. It has multiple dorsal and ventral fins. Along with other biological traits found on animals like the octopus, giant squid, and king crab. Its head, clearly appears to be that of Chlamydoselachus anguineus. It has six eyes, and many hundreds of tongues.


Cnaaghurh is the violent conclusion to a great battle between semi-aquatic cimexians and N’nosk’s empire. These cimexians, on the cusp of losing the war, summon a creature born from blood to slay the powerful generals and exomechs. However, this new creature, Cnaaghurh, saw his summoners as unworthy of his service.

He joined the very thing that he was created to destroy.