As you walk through the Archives you stumble across a small room, the small room was almost completely coated in a black organic matter with sparkling electric blue dots twinkling on the surface. You continue into the room, your boots sloshing against the substance. Eventually, you find a book on a pedestal.

Scintillans Nocumentum (Latin for: Sparkling Nuisance), more commonly known as Creep, is a species of colonial terrestrial siphonophore which often infests magically active locations. It degrades the geometry around it on an atomic level, using large structures called Recyclers to shift the atoms in the nearby environment into more Creep bioforms.

Creep is considered a pest or infesting species by most sapient lifeforms. It is fast spreading and hard, if not impossible, to completely extirpate. As such, many different troops, workers, and cleaners, are almost constantly required to incinerate any Creep growth. Even in the Archives, Creep infests our more magically active bookshelves.

When closely clustered into visible matter, the majority of the biomatter is a bluish black with twinkling electric blue dots scattered around the dark matter. In areas with many Recyclers or other points of interest, the Creep matter completely coats the area, however in low traffic areas extremely thin (although visible) roots are the predominant source of the Creep’s biomatter.