Data Log-702

Department of Anomalous Hostile Organisms.

Date: █/██/███

Time: █:██

Logged by ███ ███

Following Data Log entails the biology of an organism simply known as the Wretch.

The creature is aberrated, possibly Umbral. It appears to be formed from a commingled assemblage of malformed cadavers. While the back and limbs are the most demonstrative of this, the head is relatively “normal”. Comparatively far less aberrated than the other bodily locations.

The Wretch is approximately nine feet in height, with limbs either disproportionate or proportionate to it depending on their location and purpose. These limbs as mentioned above are almost always consisted of human bodies or body parts. In the top left arm specifically, where normal human cadavers are too large to make up the bulk of the arm without it being cumbersome. Infant cadavers are used, predominantly melded into shape, a few of their limbs do jut out. The hand is large, and in of itself is made from a commingled mass of human and cimexian hands.

As demanded by the Benefactors, the rest of this document will be purged. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.