DODS Report-415

Department of Dimensional Science

Date: /█/█████

Time: █:██

Logged by Aoto Aorak

As of /██/████ we have made a large advancement in extradimensional translocation technology. With the assistance of our allies in the Biotechnology Department, we have created a living bio-transdimensional relocater. We call them Gates.

These Gates are rapidly increasing in size and bio-matter. They are also toxic to life not native to the Prime Material Plane. They allow easy access in and out of other dimensions, and can easily be produced. These Gates will allow the Empire to invade other dimensions and possibly assimilate them. Our attempts at using artificial technology have been scrapped. All new technologies used will be biological in nature.

The Gates can pinpoint the location of other dimensional planes via extradimensional “Tendrils” of sort. They can then violently tear open another Gate in that dimension, allowing the Empire’s troops to rapidly advance into the dimension. Hopefully, this technology is put to good use.

Signing off, Aoto Aorak.