Actiniaria is a part of the known Prime Material Plane. It is a vast region consisting of the shattered remains of the Terran Material Plane, also known as Sol. It is separated into multiple vast locations, each with their own unique ecosystems. It flattened a large portion of the Outer Reaches, allowing the known to cut deeper into the unknown. It was created at the conclusion of an event known as the planetfall, in which every celestial body from the Sol system violently crashed into known or unknown space and became part of the Prime Material Plane.

While Luna and Earth were the only planets to crash into known space, it is suspected that the other planets in the system have crashed into the Outer Reaches. Also, the Sun of this system joined the vast cosmology of the Prime Material Plane at the conclusion of the planetfall.


Actiniaria is utterly enormous, with just as many organisms and societies to fill the land. Its origins as an ancient dimensional plane absorbed by the Prime Material Plane explain its anomalous nature in some aspects.

Actiniaria is raised roughly a few hundred miles above the Outer Reaches surrounding it, and it is roughly sphere shaped. The water in this ancient planetoid husk has either evaporated upon impact or poured into the surrounding Outer Reaches. Along with these waters, the remaining shattered continents also poured into this new ocean.

Melded haphazardly to the east of this main sphere is Luna, the shattered remains of the celestial satellite of the ancient Earth. It has long since crashed into the Outer Reaches, and harbors no life, in essence being a glorified mountain.

Small bits of Actiniaria have also crashed elsewhere, created abnormal mountains or earthen biomes in the Outer Reaches far beyond the known land, or in places like the Hungering Wastes.

In essence, Actiniaria is a vast ocean dotted with shattered continents and islands, crowned by the remains of the original planet they came from, Earth.


Actiniaria is inhabited by many different lifeforms. All of which are survivors of the original planetfall which created Actiniaria. The predominant examples of these inhabitants are caracals, humans, and beings like arthropods. The ecosystem is contaminated with other lifeforms from the Outer Reaches and known land. Although some earthen creatures have escaped the boundaries of their old home and now dwell in the greater Prime Material Plane, including humans.