Ectoplasm is an apparitional viscous and translucent green liquid which is often associated with the present or existence of Ghosts. While originally, its existence was questioned, it has been proven to exist with the discovery of Poltergeist, Obake, and Spirits. The purpose of ectoplasm is unknown, however it is likely a defensive or offensive liquid. Some have claimed that ectoplasm is acidic, and that it can melt through all that hasn’t been blessed by a priest or crucifix. This has been disproven by the Spiritus Venator.

To produce Ectoplasm, a ghost requires the energy to biologically manifest. Ectoplasm is almost always extremely easily produced by a biologically manifested ghost even without any associated organs or glands.

Ectoplasm comes in two varieties, ectomist, and ectoplasm. Ectomist is a type of aerosol created by certain ghosts during random Exudation Cycles. Ectomist is either black, green, or blue, and almost orbits the Ghost. It can be used to blind and confuse prey, and even suffocate enemies in crowed and tight rooms. Ectoplasm is the more common of the two, and can be spewed by partially or fully manifested ghosts at will with almost unlimited supply. It is green, translucent, and viscous.