Elaba is an old bunker up north in an old forest, name given by Buddhists inhabiting the bunker when attempting to seek for safety.


The bunker’s entrance is a lobby containing an elevator leading to the main bunker, after years of disrepair the bunker has since degraded and infested with insects. After the elevator ride there are more rooms used by the Buddhists, including a forge, farm, and library. The largest room and most important, is the commander/control room, inhabited by the leader of the bunker.


The Buddhists are the main inhabitants of the bunker, first discovering the bunker on a windy night during a sandstorm. Ever since they have discovered more areas of the bunker and sending multiple search teams to retrieve “Old” technology.

The leaders of the Buddhists aren’t disclosed as of now, our documentation team tried desperately to get at least a scrap of information, one of them was paralyzed from the legs to waist, as of now, this is all we have of them.

Come back later.

Elaba’s entrance, near a gate pass to the black forest.