The Empryean (Angelic for Lower Heaven) is the home and birthplace of Radiance and radiant organisms. It is characterized by bright lights, enormous levitating crucifixes which make up terrestrial land, and glowing “Heavenly pentagrams” projected into the sky. Its many inhabitants include Lesser Angels, like Ophanims and Heavensnakes, among other lesser radiant organisms.

Umbral and Demonic organisms cannot survive in the Empryean simply because of the extremely toxic concentration of Radiance. This concentration blinds most non-native lifeforms, forcing non-radiant beings inhabiting the Empryean to cower in caves or simply lose ocular function entirely.


The Lower Empryean is blindingly bright, there are no dark regions. Even the rare caverns are illuminated by the exterior light. This light radiates from a veil of clouds that separates the Empryean from High Heaven.

Terrestrial ground consists of enormous floating stone crucifix structures. Among these islands are also completely spherical balls, which project energy into the Eye of God to fuel it.