Flamespine Cactus

The Flamespine Cactus is an enormous floral organism which is found in the Fleshdeserts of Alg, the Cacti Forests, and other arid locations. They are commonly farmed because their golden sap, which is already hallucinogenic, can be processed into a potent drug.

This massive cactus grows up to 165 feet (50.3 meters) tall. The slender, pointed stem is lime green, and is dotted with small pastel orange spines. The round body is brown, and is covered in hundreds of rigid pastel orange spines, hence its namesake. It is fast growing, taking 3 months to reach maturity.

Once mature, and only under the right conditions, a handful of flowers with intense blue petals that gradiently shift to aquamarine on the outer edge. The central disk is vivid yellow grow at the top, reappearing after 3 years, but only when the conditions are right again. The flower head is shaped like a cube made up of dozens of tightly layered, narrow petals. It has a mildly strong scent that smells like mango.

The cactus’s skin is thin, the drab purple flesh is soft, and the olive sap is thin and has hallucinogenic properties.