The Floppaths are a network of glass tubes which are navigated by giant fire breathing mutants of the genus caracal caracal. While the Brainways, among other transportation lines, are far more popular, the Floppaths are arguably the safest. Especially with their high speed of four hundred miles per hour.


Suspended high above the ground by scaffolding are glass tubes fifteen feet in diameter. The flooring of which is a rapidly moving conveyor belt, which in tandem with the beings running on it, makes this mode of travel extremely efficient. When in a large network, this creates the Floppaths.

The Floppaths are a network of stations, and aforementioned tubes. Traversing these tubes are enormous, fire breathing mutants of the species caracal caracal. These caracals are equipped with multi-seat saddles, and when mounted will run at high speeds in tandem with the conveyor floor to arrive at the next station in record time.

Each station is entered and exited via elevator, and is usually placed at important points of interest. They act as homes for caracals currently not working, and also as resting zones and travel points for travelers.