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Golf-Ball Man

The Golf-Ball Club Killer, known in short as Golf-Ball Man, is an infamous serial killer and supernatural entity in the Jakeopod mythos. The Golf-Ball Club Killer allegedly attacks victims with a golf-ball club, hence his namesake. Although he has never actually been seen using one. He has only been seen in videos and photos, and does not appear human.


The Golf-Ball Club Killer has a rather ambiguous appearance since he has only been seen in various pictures and videos. Most of which are rather distorted and laggy, however his general appearance can be interpreted.

Unlike other beings in the Jakeopod mythos, which are usually massive, the Golf-Ball Club Killer is relatively small. Around the height of an average man, maybe shorter. In videos showing his existence, he is completely black with a texture akin to black charcoal. His ribcage is pronounced and visible, along with the majority of the other bones in his body. The Golf-Ball Club Killer has four fingers on each hand, which are thick and resemble talons.

The Golf-Ball Club Killer’s head is completely spheroid, and it lacks all facial features. Its head is completely blank.

While his namesake comes from his tendency to kill via bludgeoning with a golf-ball club, he has never actually been seen or photographed using or even wielding such a device.

Despite lacking a face in videos pertaining to him, there have been multiple images of the Golf-Ball Club Killer in which a face is visible. In particular, his face is a fluorescent bluish white with gaping eyes and deformed, sharp teeth. His face generally passes into the uncanny valley.


I never actually knew the beast’s name. Hell, there was no sign that it even used a Golf-Ball Club in the dream. It was just a charred humanoid that lumbered towards me. But, when I woke up in a cold sweat, a name just echoed throughout my head. An evil name, which I could only associate with that charred man I saw in my dream.


The Golf-Ball Club Killer was conceived by Jakeopod in a dream. In said dream, Jakeopod watches a series of videos describing and pertaining to the Golf-Ball Club Killer. Eventually, this leads to Jakeopod watching a “found-footage-esque playlist in which the Golf-Ball Club Killer stalks a man of unknown name”. Eventually culminating in the Golf-Ball Club Killer pursuing the man into a cemetery, where it emerges from behind a headstone and reaches towards the man before Jakeopod scrolls down. Upon scrolling down, an image of the Golf-Ball Club Killer’s smiling face is pinned to the top of the comment section. According to Jakeopod, “Not much occurred after this, or if something did happen, it wasn’t important enough for me to not forget it”.


The Golf-Ball Club Killer came to Jakeopod in a dream, and was developed further from there. However, Jakeopod notes that the dream may have been inspired by the MrBallen videos, and analogue horror videos he was watching that night. He also notes the creature’s structural similarities to a cryptid known as the Bell-Ringer.