On //██ the Empire has decided to add Interview-7786456474 to the Database. While its authenticity is debatable, it is still an important link to other Interviews. The contents of the Interview will be explained below. The identities of the Interviewer and the Interviewed will be hidden for the sake of the former’s protection.

Interviewer: Do you know why you are here, ██?

Interviewed: Of course sir, I was called into to talk about the Monster.

Interviewer: That is correct, can you describe your encounter with this organism.

Interviewed: I was outside my town huntin’, when I heard this.. horrible noise.

Interviewer: Can you describe this noise?

There is a discernible pause between response time. Although it is unlikely to be directly associated with the encounter outside of emotional damage.

Interviewed: It was like.. a growling.

Interviewer: A growl?

Interviewed: Yes, very guttural, almost.. alien.

Interviewer: Alien?

Interviewed: Yes… and there was this wailin’ too. Coming from the voices of children.. women.. men.. infants. They were from the same source as the growlin’ too!

Interviewer: What happened after you heard this growling?

Interviewed: I felt this terrible feeling of dread. Nothin’ like it really, and I saw something in the corner of my eye. It was deformed, and decrepit. It was like I wanted to leave, but I couldn’t. It was frozen with fear.. completely.

The heart rate of the Interviewed rapidly increased at this point, as shown by the monitoring systems in the room. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is evident.

Interviewer: Can we skip ahead to the encounter. I would like to hear a description of its appearance.

Interviewed: I can go right ahead and talk about the Monster if you wish.

Interviewer: Granted.

Interviewed: Long story short, I.. I uhh… was chased by the thing. I got to see it in full.

Interviewer: Can you describe this thing in as much detail as you can?

Interviewed: It was like a mountain of bodies, grafted to each other. Some of the limbs pokin’ out were wrapped to the body with twine.. like cargo on a donkey. It didn’t have legs either.. it slithered on a pillar of pitch black fog. A whole bunch of twisted things came from the shadow too, hands… bodies… claws… mouths.

Interviewer: Can you describe the head and limbs?

Interviewed: Yessir.. uhh.. the left hand was made from a bunch of.. of… babies.

Interviewer: Babies?

Interviewed: Yes.. yes! Babies.. baby.. corpses, all melted together.. limbs and heads sticking out and everything. I think a few grown-up arms were stuck in that tangle too. The head.. oh god the head…

The hand is not thoroughly described, although another description describes the hand as “ogre-like, giant, and decorated with twelve malformed digits. The entire thing was hideously connected to the arm, and the hand seemed to be made from commingled human hands,”. The other hand is also not described.

Interviewer: Can you describe the head, please.

Interviewed: It was.. oh god it was.. so.. so.. so bad! I can’t even describe it, uhh. uhh..

Heart rate of the Interviewed increases to an almost paranormal speed. The creature appears to have some sort of effect on heart rate and fear in general. This possibly implies that this organism is Fogborn, or Umbral in origin.

Interviewer: Do you need stop?


Severe file corruption prevents us from accessing the rest of the Interview.


PATIENT: ███ ██

DATE: /██/██


The organs appear to have been completely charred before his death. Blood was superheated to the point of evaporation, explaining the red smoke exiting through the orifices. The facial pores have expanded to the point of tearing the face apart. The heart has turned black from some sort of pollutant, and it appears to have gave way first. The brain is utterly charred, and heavily infused with a black liquid, possibly Umbra.