Jaj’kurite Architecture

Jaj’kurite Architecture is a type of architecture commonly associated with N’nosk, his palace, and other sacred places. Jaj’kurite architecture is exclusively applied to metal structures, although it may also be applied to some other structures.


Although it is described as ancient, Jaj’kurite architecture is only as recent as its creator, Jakeopod. Jaj’kurite architecture appears to be inspired by myriad other architectural styles, predominantly those of the eastern Cimexian Deathlords.


Jaj’kurite architecture uses skeletal motifs, as most buildings have replicas of full human skeletons, skulls, spines, ribcages, etc. It also uses skeletal imagery around entryways, in this scenario it is predominantly skulls.

Jaj’kurite architecture is usually very jagged, with large barbs and spikes protruding from every surface not used. Usually, these spikes are decorated with the corpses of larger wyverns, corpses, masks, or the shells of Cimexians. The shape of a Jaj’kurite building is usually irregular, with many enormous spires. These spires are crowned with twelve sharp spikes protruding upwards, in the center of this ring is usually a brazier. These spires likely represent the Emperor’s crown.

Most bridges, walkways, etc., are placed over enormous chasms and pits. The purpose of these pits is unknown, however it appears to be purely aesthetic or for intimidation/defensive purposes.

When it comes to illumination, most forms of light come from flowing falls of magma, enormous braziers of soulfire, or corpses hanged by razor wire crawling with glowing maggots.