Welcome to Jakeopod.com, known also by other names such as Jakran, or Jakrine. We are a domain primarily dedicated to compiling information.

We will defend our patrons and members with fervent zealousness, unless their actions are completely non-defensible. Disagreeing with our beliefs is your problem alone, we only seek to express ourselves. You can find our staff, people apart of Jakeopod.com who we deem appropriate for administration and other serious business, here.

For the people who do not have permission to modify, edit, and create, I hope you can enjoy witnessing our creations. If you care, our privacy policy and attributions sections are below. Below even that are hyperlinks to other parts of this site.

Jakeopod.com is separated into sub-domains, where our writings are held. Below they are listed if you care for spectating. They are listed in alphabetical order, for your convenience.


Hive.Jakeopod.com – Our primary information compiling site.

Sightings.Jakeopod.com – Tertiary information compiling site.

Terraria.Jakeopod.com – Tertiary information compiling site.




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Jakeopod.com Staff


The Founder is me, Jakeopod. I am this site’s namesake and creator, its sentinel and guardian. I was born a few vigintillion years ago and decided to found this website out of both boredom and a desire to express myself on a completely free and safe space. I hope that the other organisms that join this site or already are apart of it find it a safe space to present themselves and their projects. I am the executive of this site and control all of its sub-domains and other ventures, but if you have my team’s respect I am sure we can form an arrangement to give you an independent domain to express yourself freely.

Legal Team

Junorskis Bartholomew Higglesworth III.
Gustav Wagglethrong the 5th

Jakeopod.com’s legal team consists of Gustav Wagglethrong the 5th and Junorskis Bartholomew Higglesworth the III. They have gotten us out of multiple legal battles successfully, although we have had to expend some of our budget on medical bills to help them in the inevitable scenario they eat our supplies. Gluttons. If you have any inquires or issues with our site correlating to attribution, legalities, copyright, etc, contact Gustav or Junorskis through Jakeopods@gmail.com