The Jakras are a subrealm of the Prime Material Plane under the complete and supreme control of N’nosk.

It is the place where creatures killed by N’nosk go if their soul isn’t consumed by N’nosk already. There are 8,629 Chambers within the Jakras, each chamber has multiple beasts inside, and each chamber has subchambers as well.

When a soul enters the Jakras, they will likely enter the A or B class chambers. A & B are the chambers with moderate amount of torment, C are the chambers with high amount of torment, D with super high, E & F with severe, G with Super Severe, and H with Extreme.

While in a chamber, the soul will be chained to the roof, the wall, or the floor, by Tungsten chains that are above 6,000 degrees farenheit. The chain will usually be on the neck, the hands, or even the reproductive organs of the organism.

While you are chained, beasts will come torment you, the most common forms of torment are:

  • Flesh flaying
  • Ocular Impalement
  • Nervous system boiling
  • Tongue roasting
  • Placing tortured organism in nearest slag lake within the chamber.

Chambers are about 3.2 Cubic Miles in size, sub-chambers are about 0.2 Cubic Miles in size. The largest known chamber; the supra chamber is 192.8 Cubic Miles in size, it is also a class A chamber. Each chamber is led by an organism known as a “Torturegod”. These Torturegods direct the other entities in the chambers, and all of the torture and suffering within them. It is also said that the Jakras serve another purpose for N’nosk.