Janheck are medium-sized, hypo-carnivorous omnivores, octopedal creatures with a domed head covered with tendrils, two narrow tan eyes situated high on its head, no visible ears, no visible nose, and an indented jaw.

They have a short neck, and its shoulders are broad. They have a barrel-chested torso, and eight elongated, slender legs that end in three-toed hooves, and a weak tail. The Janheck’s head, neck, shoulders and back are covered in tendrils, while the rest of its body is covered in delicate feathers.

It is mostly light purple, with light brown sections and vivid yellow highlights, while its lower body is almond with dull pink spirals.


Janheck are commonly hunted by larger predators, like Typhons, Splodges, and anything else which can slay them. Janheck are solitary, and very picky when it comes to choosing a mate. While young females stay with the family unit until complete maturity, males often leave earlier.

Their lifespan is up to two years, and they reach sexual maturity at about fourteen months of age.