Knights are a species of genetically modified, hexapedal, humanoid organisms designed solely for the purpose of being shock troopers and cannon fodder for N’nosk’s Empire. They are deployed from massive prism-like dropships, from which they charge into battle in amorphous swarms.


Knights are around seven feet tall, with four grasping appendages and two locomotion appendages. Their skin is similar in appearance to obsidian, with a gold-like mineral running through crack-like patterns coursing through them. Their faces are relatively featureless, consisting of a giant jaw with gold, elongated, human-like teeth used to sever limbs.

They can walk and run quadrupedally, although they have also demonstrated bipedal movement. They use the claws and switchclaws on their grasping appendages, in tandem with their maws, for offense.


Knights were designed and built to behave as cannon fodder and shock troopers. They seemingly lack any sense of mortality, committing suicide unintentionally to get to their enemies. These creatures either do not feel pain at all, which is likely, or are numb or resistant to it.

Knights coalesce in enormous swarms of mindless violence, they will often sabotage each other to get to their opponent. Knights are so effective at killing, that they are often the most common form of troop on the battlefield.

Despite their almost instinctual and mindless violence, they can easily discern what is and isn’t a fellow ally, and can quite intelligently and accurately tell what is and isn’t a foe. Although at times, confusion is possible and civil wars break out between Knights and other soldiers.