Krakens are a species of terrestrial saurid cephalopod organisms. They are highly dangerous apex predators, unchallenged by even the Empire’s most powerful soldiers. Krakens use electrokinesis via their second tentacle appendages to practice aerial locomotion and char prey organisms using electrical power. Krakens are highly elusive, and their numbers appear to be dwindling. Krakens are 26.1m tall, and weigh 26.1 tons.


Krakens are hexapedal, and predominantly practice quadrupedal locomotion. Although they can stand and walk bipedally on their hind legs. Their front appendages are armed with four fingers, each adorned with long and sharp claws. These digits are formatted in a way similar in appearance to a human hand. They are structured in a similar manner to humanoid arms. Their hind legs end in similar looking digits, with plantigrade structure.

The third and final set of appendages is directly above the frontal arms, with a similar bone structure. Although the hands of this set of appendages has changed drastically. There are two digits on this hand, a small finger ending in a proportionally enormous hook-like claw, and a denticulated finger ending in a sharp hook almost as long as the body itself. This digit is used as a whip-like weapon, and is the primary close-range offense weapon of the Kraken. The denticulation also allows the Kraken to practice electrokinesis, including the manipulation of lightning, storms, and the ability to harness electrical power. This sixth set of limbs is considered the wings of the Kraken.

The body is predominantly greyish black with blue bioluminescence, the latter of which is located around the wings, face, belly, tail, and dorsal ridges. Krakens are armored with armor plates, on their back are sizeable ridges resembling human femurs. These bony plates and ridges cover all but their belly and abdomen, giving Krakens a softspot.

The face is cephalopodian, resembling that of an octopus with a tripartite mouth concealed by four long tentacles. They have six white eyes, and the top of their head is crowned with four thick and robust tentacles. Krakens have a bifurcated tail.


A cruel and merciless apex predator, the Kraken hunts whatever it pleases. It is naturally nomadic, with no true home environment, flying from place to place to feed. Krakens are one of the only species known that have no natural predators, and are not naturally killed by other fauna. Their power is incomparable to their prey, and fighting back is impossible. Despite their immense power, the number of Krakens in known space is dwindling, as they are migrating into the Outer Reaches or dying of unknown causes. Likely because of the dimensional instability of known space.

Krakens use their wings as whips to bludgeon prey, in tandem with the electrical power they produce. They are also capable of controlling lightning, short circuiting wiring, and hurling balls of electricity. Among other things, this gives the Kraken the ability to hunt almost any prey item no matter the size. These wings even allow them to fly, which explains their ability to quickly move to other environments.