The Meatlure is a large, common, and dangerous carnivorous plant. While it primarily hunts insects, it can and has killed many other species. It has been hunted to extinction near cities and towns, although it is common in untamed wilderness.

This common, large snare trap grows up to 4.5 feet (1.4 cm)  tall, and produces multiple narrow black or crimson stalks and circular yellow-green traps up to 1.3 feet (41 cm) wide. The plant has huge, copper and moss green leaves with ripped edges.

The traps are covered in long hairs with sticky droplets that ensnare the victim and cause death by starvation or struggle exhaustion. Once a victim is ensnared, the trap rapidly closes tightly around it.

It lures its victims with a putrid-smelling liquid and feeds mostly on large amphibians. It has a kill rate of over 90%, and can fully digest its meal in 10 hours.