Hazardous Acariforme Counter Force

The Hazardous Acariforme Counter Force, abbreviated as the HACF, and more commonly known as Mite Hazard is a division of the Empire’s military with the intent of countering the recent outbreak of Osseous Fiends and other Acariformes.


The HACF is only as old as the Fiend crusade against the Empire’s cities and towns. In _____ all Fiends in Acheron began to rapidly ascend from the waters in an organized army and attack the nearest towns and population centers. Although local police managed to quell their offense for a short while, they were eventually overwhelmed and these centers were destroyed. Eventually, the HACF was created as a military division designed to deal with these attacks.

Since then, HACF has continued their war against the Fiends. With no end in sight, HACF has been given full access to all military technologies in the Empire’s possession.


Mite Hazard follows a standard chain of command. Which is shown below, from least powerful to most powerful on the hierarchy.

Offensive Hierarchy

  • Warcaptain
  • First Officer
  • Corporal
  • General
  • Private
  • Footsoldier

Scientific Hierarchy

  • Research Director
  • Head Researcher
  • Researcher